Anahaw Beach Resort

Anahaw Beach Resort

Another weekend with my travel buddies - as we start our summer early with a trip to Anahaw Beach Resort - a resort we just found whilst Googling for a place that's nearby. Booking details are listed at the bottom part of this post

How to get there:
  • Ride a Nasugbu-bound bus and alight the Lian Public Market. Fare is P157.00.
  • Ride a Calatagan-bound jeepney and drop off at Luksuhin Public Market. Fare is P33.00.
  • Look for a tricycle that's bound to Brgy. Hukay. Fare is negotiable.

We took the Nasugbu bus via the DLTB Terminal at Beundia which took us almost 4 hours to arrive at Lian Public Market. Their public market was still open even though we arrived at 1PM - usually, public markets closes before lunch. They also have paid toilets at the middle of the market.

Lian Public Market

A canteen nearby served us lunch for just P20.00 and up. Once we were all charged up, we did our palengke stuff and looked for the jeepney that would drop us off at Luksuhin Public Market.

It almost took us an hour before we arrive at Luksuhin. The landmark is an intersection with a small public market and a gas station. It is however recommended to do your palengke duties at the Lian Public Market since all you can see here are fruits, vegetables and small stalls that sells meat.

Anahaw Beach Resort is still new, so we had a hard time looking for a tricycle who knew where it was - but they know where Barangay Hukay is. Upon arriving the welcome point of Barangay Hukay, we just asked our way around from the residents who pointed the directions to the resort.

The tricycle ride took us almost 40mins - with the asking-around-part included. Now, the fare was negotiable since the tricycle driver didn't know where exactly he would drop us off, but it should not exceed at P35.00 per head. You would also want to get the contact number of the tricycle driver since he will also be your transportation back to Luksuhin.

By 03:42PM, we arrived at the resort.

Anahaw Beach Resort

The place is still new and we were told that we were just the third batch of guests they've catered. After talking with the people taking care of the place, we found out that the first guest they had was a foreigner who boooked the whole place - around the first week of March.

The caretakers are cousins of the owner of the resort, so there's a homey feel on the place instead of just a public resort.

The place is very cozy and peaceful. They only have a total of 8 rooms and 6 cottages which makes the place ideal if you don't want that much people while having a vacation.

Anahaw Beach Resort

We did asked if they rent out videoke for the guests but they only allow it if you rent out the whole place - considering the other guests who would like a goodnight sleep.

Each fan rooms have two bunk beds good for 4 persons for P1,800.00 overnight. One room is good to squeeze in 2-3 extra matts for P300.00. Both this fee includes the entrance fee.

Anahaw Beach Resort Anahaw Beach Resort

One thing though, their toilet and shower room is for sharing. They have two cubicles each for the toilet and the shower room - and is separate for male and female. Each cubicle is clean and well lit.

They have a corkage fee of P250.00 for all the food and drinks you bring in to the resort. They don't have designated sinks and grilling area yet but you are free to use their sink at their canteen or request the caretakers to cook a meal for you. They don't have a menu yet when we visited, but the usual silog meals can be requested and they have coffee and beer too.

We had halo-halo for P35.00/ea when we arrived. You can also buy 5 gallon of water (the square gallon with faucet) from them, good for an overnight stay. They also have ice at P5.00/pc.

Anahaw Beach Resort

Their cottages are priced separately at P800.00 which is good to use for the entirety of your stay.

The front view of the resort by the shore is very beautiful and the beach area was quite unique. It's a familiar shoreline setup from La Chēvrerie - a resort at Batangas we visited before.

Anahaw Beach Resort

You would only want to wear slippers if you'll go in the water since it's all rocky at the bottom.

Here are photos of the place that are definitely more gorgeous in person:

Anahaw Beach Resort Anahaw Beach Resort Anahaw Beach Resort Anahaw Beach Resort Anahaw Beach Resort

Dawn is very pretty here especially the sunset - you are sure to witness the sun go down and disappear before your eyes.

Checkout is 12PM. In case you forgot to get the contact number of the tricycle driver who dropped you off here, you can ask the caretakers to contact someone who would take you back to Luksuhin Public Market.

At this time, we did not went back to Lian Public Market, but instead we caught a van that's bound to Robinson's Pala-Pala for P130.00 which made our trip home much easier.

All in all...
  • I would recommend the place to friends, but it would be nice if they have a more accessible route to the place for larger vehicles.
  • I love that there are large trashcans on each of the cottages.
  • The caretakers are really friendly and approachable but take note that they will not stay up late with you to cater with your requests.
  • Faucet water here comes from the sea, so if you want to shower with filtered water you might want to buy an extra 5 gallons to use the next morning.
  • Their canteens are only accessible if the caretakers are around. Use of utensils doesn't have an extra charge, but make sure to ask before you use them.

More Photos here:


**The photos used at this post are taken with my Sony Xperia Z2. Applications used: Adobe Photoshop., Xperia Movie Creator.

Davao City Tour - Part 5

Davao City Tour

Kuya Edwin suggested places but we've either visited it by foot or we have already covered it yesterday. However he had suggested two places that were not included in our itinerary.

GAP Farming Resort

The first one was GAP Farming Resort, that had this Biggest Urinating Carabao in the World.

GAP Farming Resort - Giant Peeing Carabao

The place was more of like a recreational place for seminars, team building and educational trips but you can roam around and explore the place with an entrance fee of Php80.00 per head. It's like a place where teachers make student go and explore and have you write an essay about it afterwards :P

There are rooms, cottages and a pool to rent if you want to enjoy the place. They also have their own restaurant inside.

GAP Farming Resort - Swimming Pool Area

The place seems busy at its prime. There are few caretakers keeping the place clean but there are areas that needs renovations. Here are some shots of the place:

GAP Farming Resort - Swimming Pool Area GAP Farming Resort - Swimming Pool Area GAP Farming Resort - Swimming Pool Area GAP Farming Resort - Swimming Pool Area GAP Farming Resort - Swimming Pool Area

Davao Crocodile Park

Davao Crocodile Park

And on to the highlight of our last day - Davao Crocodile Park!

This place is super perfect for kids! They have loads of interactive activities with the animals plus they house Pangil, the largest crocodile living (next to Lolong) in the Philippines.

Davao Crocodile Park - Crocodile Pangil

I personally loved the Fish Feeding and Tiger Feeding. It was so much fun! I had tons of love feeding the fishies, they were all hungry. Sultan was the largest Tiger from the group and was pretty hungry too. :P

Davao Crocodile Park - Fish Feeding Davao Crocodile Park - Tiger Feeding

Aside from crocodiles, they have the same creatures we saw at Eden Park and more!

We weren't able to see their Cultural Show and Fireshow - - it's regular show schedule is during Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only. We got to see the Crocodile Feeding thoough.

Davao Crocodile Park - Crocodile Feeding

Ponce Suites Art Hotel

Our last stop and Kuya Edwin's second spot suggestion was the Ponce Suites Art Hotel.

Just look at the huge sculptures upfront this hotel ~ if you were a SIMS character, you might need an extra bar for your Room Level. lol.

Ponce Suites Art Hotel

The place is literally a huge museum of all kinds of artworks. Its a hotel (and restaurant) but you can enter the place if you just want to look around for Php100.00 per head.

The artist of the pieces here is the same artist who made the sculpture upfront the City Hall of Davao City - Kublai Millan.

Here are some of the interesting works you'll see there:

Ponce Suites Art Hotel Ponce Suites Art Hotel Ponce Suites Art Hotel Ponce Suites Art Hotel

And I have to mention that the owner of the place (the artist's mom) is very hospitable and friendly! - very supportive to his son's passion too.

All in all...

This trip was very memorable, informative and fun! I had tooooooons of firsts and I get to learn loads of stuff with Davao's people, places, history and culture.

I would definitely love to go back there and explore the rest of what Davao can offer.

Thank you for reading all the way through!


More Photos here:

**The photos used at this post are taken with my Sony Xperia Z2 and collectively grabbed from my sisters. Applications used: Adobe Photoshop., Xperia Movie Creator.

Davao City Tour - Part 4

Davao City Tour

Day 3

Our third and last day at Davao City. We started our morning early this time and tried to look for breakfast outside - but failed. :P

We eventually had breakfast back at the inn and then walked around the plaza and the nearby parks and museums.

Bahay Ni Tuding - Breakfast Meal

Among the cities I have visited, it normally has just one park or either one plaza. But here in Davao City, they have more than one park and a huge plaza too. Their parks are dedicated to some of our historical personalities such as Rizal, Osmeña and Quezon.

Davao City Proper - Rizal Park Davao City Proper - Quezon Park Davao City Proper - Osmeña Park

Museyo Dabawenyo

Museyo Dabawenyo was also nearby so we stopped by to look.

It so cool that a student is doing the museum tour with us. And this small house has presented how rich the Davaoeños culture is.

However, it's not allowed to take photos inside the museum and we only get to take a photo of this painting that symbolizes the three groups of people populating the Davao Region - (1)the Ethnic Tribe (2)the Muslims and (3)the Christians.

Museyo Dabawenyo

We got back the inn, checked out and met with our 2nd driver - Kuya Edwin. Our first stop was the bone museum.

D' Bone Collector Museum

The location of the D' Bone Collector Museum was very unexpected. It looks so small outside but when you go inside, you'll be amazed at the amount of bones strategically displayed everywhere.

D' Bone Collector Museum

The first floor serves as the reception area and the gift shop as well. Here's Darrell (the owner), giving us our tickets. Entrance tickets are priced at Php80.00 for adults and Php70.00 for kids.

D' Bone Collector Museum - Darrell Blatchely

The tour starts at the second floor, and we had Princess guide us through the stories of the creatures displayed here.

D' Bone Collector Museum D' Bone Collector Museum D' Bone Collector Museum

Darrell covered the rest of the tour at the third floor where a huge collection of sea creatures are displayed.

The stories of the animals displayed at this area are very sad, all of whom were either named after how they were found or what caused their death.

I did one quick browse at the place again to take some photos.

D' Bone Collector Museum D' Bone Collector Museum D' Bone Collector Museum D' Bone Collector Museum

We were so lucky that we had finished our tour just as a bunch of students came rushing in the place.

If you are interested with wild animals and hear some awesome and unbelievable stories about them, a visit at D' Bone Collector Museum is a must.

Before leaving, we made sure to take a bone necklace and a bracelet from the gift shop.

D' Bone Collector Museum D' Bone Collector Museum

Jack's Ridge

Our next stop was lunch at Jack's Ridge. It's a hotel and resort place but the it was under renovation when we visited.

The view here is breathtaking! And would definitely look beautiful at night too.

Jack's Ridge

There's nothing much to see at the vicinity though but there are few displays that seems to depict Davao's people and culture. These seems to be more beautiful if everything else is fixed and complete.

Jack's Ridge Jack's Ridge Jack's Ridge


**The photos used at this post are taken with my Sony Xperia Z2 and collectively grabbed from my sisters. Applications used: Adobe Photoshop., Xperia Movie Creator.