Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar

Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar

It's one of my must-go-to annual conventions and this year was a no-cosplay-day for me. I did few commissions for friends this year, so this is more of like a crafting post. :)

My team [Chocolate Crafters] received quite a number of projects for Rampage, and this is one of our peak season conventions.

The project I was able to worked at was#ProjectGnar. I made this project in collaboration with one of my fellow crafter, Jemimah. She worked with the skull and bones part, and I worked with the fur and fabric parts.

Rampage 2017 | Gnar Splash Art

I had designed a few gijinkas for myself but this is the first time I'm creating a gijinka for somebody else. The design I drew with consideration of the client's preference.

Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar

There are 6 pieces for this project: (1)ears, (2)halter top, (3)skirt, (4)arm warmers, (5)leg warmers and (6)the tail.

First piece I made was the ears. I had to experiment on dying the orange fur blue (the pentel pen + alcohol mix) but it turned brown instead. I tried to change the mix but it turned black. So I just dyed white fur and stitched it at the end part.

Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar

The base I used for the ears is a metal headband and then formed the shape of the ears with wires. I just slipped the fur parts in and sew it shut to the headband base.

Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar
Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar

The same dying technique I used for the tail. Stuffed it fiber fillings and put a garter strip at the end to slip in a belt to hold it in place.

Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar

For the top and skirt, I used a 4-way stretch fabric. The halter top I traced with a piece I had in my closet and made it laced so the cleavage can be adjusted by the client.

Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar

The arm and leg warmers are always the easiest ones to make. I used a different type of fur for these and lined them with peach twill. Sew in garter on one side and then its done!

Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar
Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar

And here's the full set!

Rampage 2017 | #ProjectGnar

I didn't had photos of the client wearing the fullset though. :( But apart from this set, I also made a Bunny Riven set and Xayah Ears!

Rampage 2017 | Bunny Riven Rampage 2017 | Xayah

And here's another project that our team made for this year's Rampage ~ Dark Lux! Worn by our ever so loyal client, Eru-Chi.

Rampage 2017 | Eru-Chi as Dark Lux Rampage 2017 | Eru-Chi as Dark Lux

At the event, it's fully packed both inside and outside! And as always, cosplayers are at their best! Since this is a gaming community event, cosplayers are lookng even better and better as the champ skins!

Rampage 2017 | #GGWPRAMPAGE2017 Rampage 2017 | #GGWPRAMPAGE2017 Rampage 2017 | #GGWPRAMPAGE2017 Rampage 2017 | #GGWPRAMPAGE2017 Rampage 2017 | #GGWPRAMPAGE2017

And here are photos with friends! Yey!

Rampage 2017 | #GGWPRAMPAGE2017

Thanks for reading all the way through!

More photos here:

Quick Links here:

Rampage 2017 | #GGWPRAMPAGE2017

**The photos used at this post are taken with my Sony Xperia Z2. Applications used: Adobe Photoshop.

The Cabin Resorts 2017

The Cabin Resorts 2017

A new episode with my travel buddies! Here's a post of our staycation at The Cabin Resorts.

Finding the place was easier as we have expected. We took the Cabanatuan bound bus from the 5 Star Liner Terminal at Cubao and dropped-off at Tarcan -- fare is just P71.00.

It was just over an hour of travel time from Cubao to Tarcan. You can always ask the bus boy to let you know where to get off but just to make sure, the landmark is an intersection with a Chooks-to-Go store.

From the drop-off point, all you need to do is ride the violet tricycle that would drop you off at Elcor Compound -- fare is P10.00/ea. Tricycles are not allowed to go inside the compound tho, they will just drop you off at the gate. You have an option to walk from the drop-off point to the compound since it's near, about a 10-min walk.

Elcor Compound

The big gate seems suspicious (we were too), but this is the right place. There's a small window by the gate and you just need to confirm your reservation before they let you in.

You will get more surprised once they open the gate, it's really a huge compound. There are several things going on inside, like a grill restaurant, a huge house and then some. Here's how far the actual cabin is after passing through the big house:

The Cabin Resorts 2017

The total rate (on weekends) for an overnight stay at The Cabin Resorts is Php7,500.00, inclusive with a Php2,500.00 worth of consumable food good for 6 persons.

You can still bring your own food with a corkage fee of Php250.00. Cooking is not allowed but grilling can be requested.

The place is well-kept and very cozy, perfect for staycation with family and a small number friends.

The Cabin has two floors, the first being the activity and dining area and the second floor is the sleeping area.

The Cabin Resorts 2017

Here's what's inside ~

The Cabin Resorts 2017 The Cabin Resorts 2017

The first floor is as cozy as what you see - comfortable couch on the right and the dining area at the left. The room is equipped with surround sound system, videoke, air-conditioning, a stand fan, a small fridge and an electric kettle. The vintage theme of the place is just the perfect feel.

Walking inside will lead you to the porch deck that is separated with a glass slide door from the living area.

The Cabin Resorts 2017 The Cabin Resorts 2017

At the porch deck, there's a service table for glasses, mugs, plates and utensils. Water gallon with faucet and a box of ice is inclusive with the consumable food fee - these are delivered to the cabin upon arrival.

The fridge is pre-stocked with beers priced at Php38.00 per bottle. You can also ask the caretakers to buy additional food and beverage for an additional fee.

The toilet and shower is located inside by the stairs. It's clean, well ventilated and has filtered water and has a mirror and sink. The space is not as grand as a five-star hotel but is just enough to do all your bathroom business.

On to the second floor~

The Cabin Resorts 2017 The Cabin Resorts 2017

The second floor has one queen sized bed and two extra mattresses. The room has separate air-conditioning, two side tables and a huge cabinet.

Access to the pool area has a separate fee of Php250.00. The pool is located by the White House, quite a long walk from the cabin.

The Cabin is somewhat strategically placed far from the main house and beside the manmade lake which makes loud noises at night not a nuisance to other guests.

The White House is another facility by The Cabin Resorts and is designed to house larger groups.

The overnight rent for the White House is Php10,000.00, inclusive with pool access BUT WITH NO consumable food. The rate is good to house a maximum capacity of 16 persons complete with a kitchen and sink.

We weren't able to get a full view inside but we were told by the caretaker that there are 4 rooms inside and a spacious common/living area.

White House - The Cabin Resorts 2017 White House - The Cabin Resorts 2017 White House - The Cabin Resorts 2017 Main House - The Cabin Resorts 2017

For more information, inquiries and reservations you may may contact Gino at 09177043699, or you may refer to their Facebook Page.

Commuting back home is different. From the Elcor compound, you can wait for tricycles that will drop you off to any of the two Baliwag Terminals at the town proper - ordinary buses / air-conditioned buses. The buses are either Divisoria bound or Cubao bound.

We weren't able to explore more of the place but there's an old church nearby the terminal and tons of food stalls to checkout. You can also buy the cheapest chicaron here.

  • I enjoyed our stay at the cabin, just the perfect place to chill and have a different place to hangout with friends.
  • The staff are very accomodating and friendly - always a plus for me.
  • The whole place and equipments are well kept and clean.
  • Bringing in food is not necessary since they have their in-house restaurant.
  • The place is nowhere near residential houses, it's super quiet the whole time we spent there.
  • Expect bugs and mosquitos, specifically at the porch deck.
  • There's no WiFi but mobile network signals are good.
  • If you do come in a huge group, make sure to bring your own extension cord - the outlets were designed to accomodate all the electrical appliances at the cabin.
  • Getting to the place is just one bus ride away from Cubao - around 1:30 travel time.
  • You can literally go to the place with just yourself and extra clothes.

More Photos here:

At The Cabin ~ ❤ #travelspecs

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**The photos used at this post are collectively taken with my Sony Xperia Z2 and grabbed from the friend who were with me at this trip. Applications used: Adobe Photoshop and Xperia Movie Creator.

Hundred Islands 2017

The Hundred Islands 2017

A quick blog post for this unplanned and sudden road trip. T'was a holiday weekend and having adventurous cousins, we were dragged to explore that is The Hundred Islands.

We had our waze and maps on driving our way to a new place. And as expected, the place are packed! Registrations and parking was a chaos and yeah, we didn't had a room we can rent.

We ended up renting one of a resident's hut for the night. We were told that they just built the hut and the people who owns the lot pretty much had connections there. We had managed to settle here overnight. It was one tricycle away to the town proper and we were assissted on how to register for an island hopping trip early morning tomorrow.

It was the unconventional way to register for the trip as told by the caretakers. We pretty much made a lot of talking to go about this trip. ^^'

Normally, it's the hotel's reponsibility to register their guests at the tourism office. It was pretty strict, there were lots of lines and papers that you need to hand out to people. So for the record, it is best to go there during OFF PEAK season to avoid confusion and enjoy the place more.

We finally had the time to explore Lucap Wharf after we had dinner at our small rented hut.

At night. #100islands #Pangasinan #travelspecs

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The next morning, the caretakers stopped by our hut so we can personally be in line for the registration. The guests should personally do this part - get in line, pay the corresponding fees and get an ID for your boat ride.

And so - our island hopping began!

Me, being a Luffy and sits upfront the boat. ? #100islands #nofilter #Xperia #travelspecs

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During peak season like this, they have this policy of drop and pick to accomodate all the tourists. It means that we had to pick just one island to drop off at and our boat will come pick us up at a specific time.

On a normal day (not as crowded as today), they can drop off the tourist to every island they wish. In our case, we only get to see the islands from our boat and we chose to drop off at Governor's Island.

Governor's Island #100islands #Pangasinan #Xperia #travelspecs

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Governor's Island is one of the largest islands and is connected to Virgin Island with a floating bridge. They also have a zip line that connects these two islands. They have small cottages here and small carts that sell refreshments. It was also here where you can get a pretty good look of the rest of the islands by a view deck.

Virgin Island #100islands #VirginIsland #Xperia #travelspecs

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The Hundred Islands 2017

Some of the islands are named after former Presidents and are occupied with small houses that you can rent for the day. Some offers other activites like snorkeling too.

The Quezon Island and Lopez Island are the huge ones that pretty much looks like a private resort!

~spamming~ Quezon and Lopez Island ~ they have rooms here. #100islands #Pangasinan #nofilter #Xperia #travelspecs

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Here are some things I've learned from this trip:

  • If you are wanting a daytrip, be there as early as 5AM.
  • Payment transactions for boat hopping should only be made inside the tourism office.
  • All fees are fixed. No haggling.
  • There are no extra fees for dropping off on an island beside in-island activites and cottage rentals.
  • Bring extra cash.
  • Bring a huge bottle of drinking water.
  • Make sure to bring your waterproof cases for your gadgets.
  • It is always better to pre-book rooms.

I will surely want to come back and experience "island hopping" and explore the rest of the islands!

As for my usual reminder, if you are planning to visit the place make sure to "Leave NO Trace". There were people keeping the place clean, but it would be better to always clean up after yourself. Thanks for reading!


**The photos used at this post are collectively taken with my Sony Xperia Z2. Applications used: Adobe Photoshop and Xperia Movie Creator.

Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017

Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017

This is our third year celebrating April's birthday as a group and this time we have chosen a far off place. This year we all agreed to stay at Punta Verde Dive Resort.

Punta Verde Dive Resort is located at Lobo, Batangas. Lobo is just beside Laiya so we were expecting a really nice beach area at the resort.

Some of us had different time schedules at the time so we all decided to just meet up at SM Batangas - since we needed to buy food and other stuff. My group took the bus from Gil Puyat Station and dropped of at Batangas Grand Terminal - fair is P125.00/ea.

It was a 2-hour (or more depending on traffic) trip from Gil Puyat Station to Batangas Grand Terminal. From there, we took a jeepney that would drop us off at SM Batangas - fair is P25/ea. We were told by the locals that there weren't any buses that would exactly drop off at SM Batangas, other alternative would be the vans.

SM City Batangas

After doing groceries, we went to the terminal that would take us to Lobo. The terminal can be found at the back of the nearby church. Fair is P55.00/ea.

Santissima Trinidad Church

The trip was a good full hour. We were dropped of at Lobo Town Proper, the landmark is an intersection with a plaza and a nearby commercial building with a 7-11.

It has been a long day for us but we still have one last ride to get to Brgy. Malabrigo - the location of the resort. The resort has this shuttle service that can fill up to 12 passengers. This is separately charged for P150.00 per trip.

Lobo Town Proper Lobo Town Proper Intersection Punta Verde Jeep

The 35min ride was pretty long considering that we have gone past hectares of farms and long unpaved roads. There's this very narrow way that's really close to the sea, so if you are driving here with a private car, be sure to be extra cautious.

By 2:35PM, we have successfully arrived at Punta Verde Dive Resort. YEY! It was raining when we got there but we were well taken cared of upon our arrival.

We were shown to our villa right away after we checked our names in. The villa is huge! There are two air-conditioned rooms each with one queen size bed and two pull out beds - more than enough for our group of 12.

Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017

Extra towels and blankets are given upon request. There's no phone at the room but the pool area where the servers are is easily to get to from the villa.

The place is so quiet and peaceful plus the view at the balcony is perfect to hangout at. The location of the resort is very secluded and very private - perfect escape for a long vacation.

For the meals though, staff always asks beforehand as there are no accessible wet market nearby. Meals for the whole day are to be pre-ordered early in the morning or late afternoon for the next day.

As we waited for dinner, we tried checking the coastal area. It was a long way down but it's worth it! There's not much beach at the coast but it's filled with pebbles and boulders.

There are gazebos, lodges, toilet and shower nearby too. There's also this big hangout place that has a separate small kitchen with fridge and utensils that's free to use, just ask the staff to open the electricty. It's kind of cool to stay at the lodges here, though its a long way up to the pool area where the restaurant is too. We stayed there for a bit and played sungka until it's time for dinner.

Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017

We weren't able to explore the rest of the place on our first day as we came in late but we did enjoyed the pool area for the night all for ourselves. The staff packs up early so requests such as food and beverage orders should be made on or before 9PM.

Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017

There were no curfew but we were cautioned to not swim late at night nor to go down the coast below.

Goodmorning Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017

Waking up at Punta Verde Dive Resort is really a sight! It showered a bit in the evening so it was a damp morning. We explored the place even more and had the sun cooperating for photo ops! Here's more photos from the resort:

Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017

The whole place is highly instagramable! We found the rocks at the shore perfect for photoshoot as well as the rock pathways that links the different lodges of the whole resort.

Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017

The restaurant was pleasantly decorated with old ship pieces, sticking with a sailor's theme. More photos from the restaurant:

Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017 Punta Verde Dive Resort 2017

There's a bunch of activities that we weren't able to do with the small time we stayed there. There's also a museum that's beside our villa.

The resort also offers Kayak rentals and snorkeling. And a guided trek to a hidden falls. You can experience these by inquiring to their site or their facebook page.

We went home the same way we got to the resort. The resort shuttle dropped us off the town proper, find our way back to the Grand Terminal and rode separate buses home.


  • The resort gave us a very memorable experience, every spot is picturesque and I would definitely go back and experience everything again - and more!
  • The staff are very accomodating and friendly.
  • Tap water is filtered and the resort have their own tanks for it.
  • Each of the villas have its own generator, so power and electricity was never a problem.
  • Rooms are air-conditioned with very nice lighting.
  • The place is very peaceful, perfect for a serene getaway!
  • Food choices are pre-ordered as the staff needs to go back and forth the town proper for ingredients.
  • You can bring in snacks, but cooking at the resort is prohibited. You may however order meals at their restaurant. (Coffee is free!)
  • There's not much bugs and mosquitos.
  • Access to pool and the museum is included with the rates.
  • The hard part though is the long drive from the city to the resort. Making the resort true to it's tagline - "it's worth the trip".

More Photos here:


**The photos used at this post are collectively taken with my Sony Xperia Z2 and grabbed from the friend who were with me at this trip. Applications used: Adobe Photoshop and Xperia Movie Creator.

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